Pineapple Maracuya Smoothie

” What’ve you guys been doing down there, so far?” my ex-husband asks. My daughter, R and her husband have been here about a week.
“Um…eating. And he kids painted three walls blue in the house, it looks gorgeous! And they’re gonna write “Salud” over the archway to the kitchen, to welcome people to the retreat center. Walks with Tiko, lunch and looking at houses with my friend, massages and cooking pizzas in the horno. Maybe we’ll go to the river today and visit Cindy and Bob, BBQ tomorrow, Shaman ceremony Sunday, horses Tuesday. fires at night and looking at the stars.  We’re having a blast. Had some EXCELLENT massages yesterday in a pyramid at the Hotel Paraiso. $20 each and the masseuse is WONDERFUL. Thomas and Rachel are going back for a third one before they leave on Wednesday. and tonight they’re doing the Shaman ceremony! Last night they went to Shanta’s outlaw-restaurant tucked in amongst the lush vegetation before Rumi Wilco. He was in great form. They sat on the saddles at the bar and tried the Agua Serpiente – the alcohol with the serpent skin in the bottom. Tomorrow they’ll rest and Wednesday we’ll go to Loja for their trip back. Sadness.
Recipe of the Day – Pineapple Maracuya Smoothie:
1 large platano
1 handful fresh pineapple
1 maracuya
 handful lettuce
1 -1 1/2 c. tea or water
Peel the platano/plantain. Scoop out the maracuya flesh from inside the peel. Place all in the blender and blend. Yummy!
 Word of the Day – triste – sad
 Tip of the Day – If you serve your kids smoothies with greens in them when they’re younger, they’ll be used to the taste!
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