Mango Sorbet

I was watering the bamboo trees when the neighbor passed by. “Where’s Tiko?” he asked. “Oh, he’s bothering the bulls up there in their pen. Wait, are they cows or bulls? Because the Ecuadorians tell me they’re cows. Yet they have horns!” “I know, I grew up with the same idea,” he said. “That bulls have horns and cows don’t. They’re cows… I guess they’re horny cows!”

Recipe of the Day – Mango Sorbet


2 frozen bananas
3-4 strawberries,
2 frozen mangoes

Use the Omega Juicer with the flat screen and oval nozzle. Put in frozen pieces at a consistent rate so the sorbet comes out smooth and soft. Or an ice cream maker, or just the freezer, stirring every 20 minutes. Or smash and mix it with a potato masher!

Word of the Day – vacas – cows

Tip of the Day – Don’t assume anything. Yikes. I mean, they did have udders, come on.

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