Grasshopper (Wheatgrass-Apple Juice)

I cut my first wheatgrass today! What a happy day! I had juiced for 9 years, daily, barely missing a day, then moved here to Ecuador, finally got the tip where to buy the wheatgrass seeds. Then, I had to wait for my wheatgrass juicer from the states, started growing it 9 days ago, and cut the wheatgrass at 6 inches! Woohooo. Tasted it – yep, that’s wheatgrass all right!. And here I can grow it all year outside, as opposed to having to grow it inside most of the year in Montana! I went a year without wheatgrass, shocking!  For me it was so meaningful, because 9 years ago I had started to go through Menopause, with hot flashes, sore chest and great emotions. Then my daughter, Rachel sent me a simple, hand grinder and a wheatgrass kit for Mother’s Day. From the very day I started drinking 2-4 ounces a day of fresh wheatgrass juice, I never, ever, ever had another symptom of menopause. Never. That’s why it’s so meaningful to me.


Recipe of the Day – The Grasshopper


2-4 ounces fresh wheatgrass juice

8 ou. fresh apple juice



Juice the apple juice, and juice more if you want to have some for later. Then juice the wheatgrass and mix together. Drink immediately so you don’t lose any of the enzymes and chlorophyll!

Word of the Day – pasta de entero – wheatgrass

Tip of the Day – If you juice the wheatgrass first, everything that comes after in the juicer will taste like wheatgrass. So do it last. It’s pretty strong stuff.

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