Ecuadorian White Chocolate

What’s great about having no doors or windows? All the light – dang, I’m gonna miss that when the rest of the windows come in. And seeing  straight through the house from one side to the other – the perspective of different arches at different angles – I enjoy that every day. Plus, hearing birds’ wings in the middle of the night, and hearing a bird chirp in the house. And saying, “My doors are always open, ha ha!” and meaning it!


Recipe of the Day –White Chocolate

1 c. cacao butter
4 T. raw honey.
2 hpg. T. mesquite powder (or lucuma, both optional)
1 c. cashews, ground
1 vanilla bean or 1/4 tsp.vanilla powder/extract

Grind cashews first, then grate 1 c. cacao butter.
Melt the cacao butter in dehydrator (or double boiler) at 104 degrees. Add the cashews, vanilla and honey by hand. Pour into molds, (ice cube trays work),or into a brownie pan to cut into squares when chilled. Chill or freeze for at least 10 minutes.

Word of the Day – blanco – white

Tip of the Day – Dorothy, they’ve told you over and over, “Never give the money until the work is done.

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