Clarity Bars

Before my daughter left for the States, she left me an appointment with El Paraiso, the hotel that gives the most amazing massages in the world – for $20 an hour. Oh…my…gosh. I walked through town, like some drunken sailor melted with butter, my hair askew and full of massage oils. A car pulled up to me and, with a big smile, Mariana’s daughter asked me how my massage was. “Heaven, Sophia, pure heaven. Can you tell?”  She laughed and said, “Yes, I can see.”


Recipe of the Day – Clarity Bars – from my ebook – Ecstacy Foods. Donate on the first page and get a free copy!

The mix of these superfoods will give your mind clarity of
thought and an ecstacy of taste!


8 ou. dark chocolate (8 ou. Cacao powder mixed with
⅛ c. coconut oil
⅛ c. raw honey + 1 T. lucuma powder
1 T hemp seed, shelled
4000 mg. blue-green algae or spirulina
¼ c. goji berries
1 T. raw almond butter
¼ c. raw oat groats
1 tsp. vanilla or 3 drops vanilla stevia
a touch of sea salt
Melt dark chocolate over very low heat or on top of
dehydrator or mix it by hand. Mix in rest of ingredients,
stirring by hand. Pour into molds. Chill 12 hours and pop
out of molds. Be prepared for supreme energy!


Word of the Dayel cielo, el cielo puro – heaven, pure heaven

Tip of the Day – Take the gifts. And walk around showing how much you are loved. It will make people smile.

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