Cacao – Nut Bananas

Tiko and I turned left out of the driveway this morning. We found this big white feather, about ten  inches! What bird would that be? Anyway, it was interesting to sell all the big fields being cleared. It’s the last week of the dry season, so do you suppose they’re clearing to plant anew in the new moon before/when the rain falls?

Recipe of the Day – Cacao – Nut Bananas

4 T cacao/carob powder
4 T. shredded coconut
2 bananas, sliced on the bias

Place cacao and coconut on separate plates. Roll each banana slice in the cocoa, shake off the excess, then dip in the coconut. Lay them on a piece of waxed paper on a pretty plate.

Word of the Day – pluma – feather

Tip of the Day – You can use dried or frozen bananas, as well for this recipe, yum!

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