Raspberry Lemonade

Geez, I put up the pics of the airbnb on facebook this weekend, Second time in this year. And here they come! It seems like, maybe everyone travels in August? End of the dry season? I don’t know why they all came at once.

I have one airbnb guest in the cacoons, a lovely couple from Columbia in the gazebo, and a guy showing up on his bike to camp on my land – all right now in this weekend! And they’re all so grateful and sweet, gosh. I am the luckiest person! They all want to do Tai Chi with me later, how cool is that! I had this pitcher of lemonade ready to greet the weary travelers, and boy, were they weary!

Recipe of the Day – Raspberry Lemonade

6 large lemons
3 medium limes
¾ to 1 c. raw honey
6 c. water
2 c. fresh or frozen raspberries
ice cubes
lemon and/or lime slices
In a 2 ½-quart pitcher, combine lemon juice, lime juice,
and honey. Add water and raspberries. Cover and chill.
Stir before serving. Pour into ice-filled glasses. Add lemon
and/or lime slices, if desired.


Word of the Day – fin de semana – weekend

Tip of the Day – One of the first things we got here was electricity, then internet. The internet would have been immediate if the electricity didn’t take thr weeks. So we had neither for awhile, but it sure was worth it to us to engage with our family and friends! There are three internet cafe’s in Vilca, one on the center of each block. I believe it’s 25 cents an hour. You can even Skype on them!

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