Q&A – Should I expect stomach problems when I travel to South America?

I remember, 8-9 years ago, asking the Raw Foodists, Matt and Angela Monarch,

Q: “Did you ever have stomach problems in Ecuador, particularly Vilcabamba?

A: “No, on a  raw food diet we’ve never experienced problems with our stomachs.

Then, I asked the Nurse at the Bozeman, Montana Vaccination Clinic for her advise on traveling to Ecuador and other parts of South America. I was eating a raw food diet, but my son and husband were not. Here’s what she said:

Q: “Is there anything we can do to protect our bellies from stomach discomfort while we travel to South America?

A: Yes! Take one tablet of Pepto Bismol every day for a week before you travel to South America, then one each day of your trip. Don’t drink the water; carry water with you. And don’t even brush your teeth with the water. Make sure when you take a shower, you don’t drink any of the water. Wash all your fruits and vegetables well before eating.

And here’s what happened. I didn’t take the Pepto at all. I’d been doing serious cleanings and fasts, getting rid of the plaque on my intestines before coming to Ecuador. So I didn’t think the bacteria would have anything to hang on to. I didn’t get sick once, nor in the following travels to Ecuador.

My son and husband took the Pepto Bismol regularly. As I recall, they each had some minor queasiness for one day each trip, but that was all: no throwing up, none of the “runs,” etc…

Now, on this past December trip, the family, all of us got sick after eating at a particular restaurant; but nothing due to the water.


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