Pea Soup with Cashew Creme

It was late. 10 p.m. and dark, but lit by the light of the blue moon. My curtains were slightly open and all of a sudden, from above my bedside, I could see the light of the yoga platform go on. “What the heck!!!” I live alone. I considered my options, leaving the light on, searching it out, calling someone else. Then finally decided to dial 911, but not hit “send,” and carry my phone and a heavy flashlight up the hill to the platform. I stood on the porch and looked up, then down at Tiko sleeping on his mat, guarding the house, who had not barked, not once. And he is a dang good barking dog! I said, “Come on, Tiko,” and he and I kept my eyes on the bushes, the fields outside the platform, the well-lit wood. Nothing moved or stirred. I searched my intuition as I walked – nothing to fear, no other presence. The wind was strong and swaying the Cacoons back and forth. So maybe the tear-drop tents hanging from the rafters had hit the switch as they swayed. I watched and didn’t see that it was possible. Yet, the light switch was on! I turned it off, not plunged into darkness with the well-lit courtyard, and am still baffled, the next day. My friends were here in the morning when we were looking up, and the light went on. Then it happened again while I was watering. Whew! I don’t mind spirits or faulty switches, I can handle that!


Recipe of the Day – Pea Soup

Word of the Day – arvejas – peas (here in Vilca) other places its guisante

Tip of the Day – Always have numbers and facebook options ready when you live alone out in the country. They use 9-1-1 here for emergencies, same as the U.S., so that’s helpful! They also have Ecuador Emergency – a facebook group that responds immediately to your facebook plea. Kind of like a neighborhood watch – and its worked well for people in emergencies!

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