DIY Anti-bacterial Soap

After being inside all morning, meditating, reading, yoga etc…I stepped outside. Oh, my God, there’s people out here! People, and green grass wet with the moisture of the sprinkler, sand under my feet in the driveway, workers talking and enjoying their lunch, Jose with his perpetual smile, and a work truck driving away while the driver shouted happy greetings. What! I was in my mind so much, so self-centered, I forgot there was a beautiful life out there! Isn’t the first time!

Recipe of the Day –
DIY Hand Soap

How To Make Your Own Anti-bacterial Soap

1. 1 c. water
2. 3 T. Liquid Castile Soap
3. 1 tsp. Glycerin (optional)
4. 5-8 drops of any these Anti-bacterial Essential Oils or combination of:
Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Geranium, or Rosemary EO’s-There are others but these are commonly used.

Add the soap to a measuring cup or into the container to be used.  Add in EO’s, then add the Glycerin if using.  Gently mix or stir together to combine.  Add in water and gently stir/mix to combine all ingredients.  You don’t want to stir, mix or shake too vigorously as it will create suds.  Pour into a hand soap container to use.

Word of the Day – jabon – soap

Tip of the Day – There are some nice, home-made soaps here in Vilcabamba, or you can make your own! So easy, and we have the ingredients here!  The recipe follows the DIY Eye Glass Cleaner below. Watch to see the simple ingredient you add to make it into the Hand Soap!

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