Rose-Infused Chocolate

This is what awaited me on my return to my home in Ecuador:

and this….

and this…

and 20 4-foot banana trees, free from W, who got them free and planted them to line my driveway, what????!!!!


Recipe: Rose- infused chocolate


1/2 c. carob powder
1/2 c. cacao butter
3 handfuls of rose petals
1/8 tsp. liquid chocolate stevia

1 Tab. honey

1 Tab. coconut sugar
3 grains salt


  1. Heat the cacao butter gently and slowly over a double boiler with 2 handfuls rose petals to infuse. Let sit as long as you can. Add the carob and cacao powders, the stevia, and stir, stir, stir for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Turn off heat and add the salt. Taste and add more sweetening, if desired. Refrigerate until set.
  3. Meanwhile, in a pestle and mortar grind one handful of rose petals with the coconut sugar to a fine, dusky pink powder. Keep at it.
  4. When the chocolate mixture is firm, spoon out the chocolates.
  5. Dust the chocolate with the pink powder to coat.
  6. Chill or Freeze for 10-20 minutes.

Word of the Day – rosas – roses

Tip of the Day – The cacao here, from Ecuador is so rich, powerful and inexpensive ($2 right now for a whole huge bar of unsweeetened chocolate). It’s wonderful to make your own desserts with it!

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