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Every time people come in my room – ha ha, I mean my house, which is a one-room and a bathroom, one person comments to the other, “See, she’s got a mosquito net!” Meaning, over and over again, it appears one person doesn’t want the net, but the other does. I wonder if a some people like it, like it’s a romantic thing to be enveloped in the translucent netting, or if another feels kind of trapped, or something. (My daughter always says how it makes her feel like she’s in a princess bed…lol… even though she’s 32) I was encouraged immediately to get one when my friend talked about waking up coughing in the night, because little bugs came down from the ceiling into her open throat. Yikes! What’s funny is that mosquito nets are actually cheaper in the states….way cheaper. You can get one for a dollar or two, as opposed to $12 here. They sure keep the bugs out every night! I love mine!

Recipe of the Day: Piña Colada


Juice of one coconut
3 handfuls pineapple
1 frozen banana


Blend! Add greens, if you like, 1 c. celery, cucumber, handful of spinach or lettuce, kale. They’re all good in different ways.

 Word of the Day: mosquitero – mosquito net

Tip of the Day:  Bring the nets with you when you come to Ecuador. They fold or roll up so small, you can put them anywhere. Bring several! You can also hang them outside over a table, a bench where you lay, anywhere you sit! I think they’re one of the most fantastic things ever invented.

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