Papaya Strawberry Smoothie

Gosh, I love the weekends, when I can wake up as late as I want and water without having to hurry because the workers need me. It is so still, it makes my heart hurt. My heart hurts with the beauty of the stillness, so much, that it reaches up to my eyes and pulls tears out of gratefulness. The wind stops, the sun comes out, and now I am hot with the heat of the sun before 9 a.m. An hour ago I was shivering in the wind at the top of the yoga platform! My heart still hurts so much, I want to share it with you. May all sentient beings feel this love of the earth and all abundance.

Recipe of the Day – Papaya Strawberry Smoothie


1/2 medium papaya

½ cup strawberries

1 banana (frozen, if you’ve got it!)

1 handful celery

½ cup almond milk, water or peppermint tea,

1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 1 pinch vanilla powder

Directions: Blend and chill.

Word of the Day – strawberries – fresas

papaya – papaya

Tip of the Day – Turn off all sounds. All technology. Unplug the computer and all electronic devices. You think it’s quiet, but there are so many sounds. And it gives a moment for your heart to fill and burst!

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