How to Sprout Oats for Crackers, Cereal and More

     Wilson just called me out to the compost bin to show me something. And guess what? I have 8 papaya trees growing in the compost bin. One of them is 6 feet tall! And 6 avocado trees, and 2 peppers! Wow! He’s out there right now re-planting them! Oh…my…gosh. These are from the fruits I ate and threw into the compost!

Recipe of the Day – Sprout Oats


1 big bag raw oats

1 container twice as big as the oats


Rinse oats in a sieve or colander. Place in a large glass jar well covered with water and soak for 6-8 hours. (Oats will double or triple in size. Rinse well, drain, and return to jar, covered with a screen, paper towel, sprouting lid or cheese cloth.  Let sprout 24 hours or so until tails just barely start to appear. Use for cereal, oat milk, crackers, etc….

Word of the Day – avenas – oats

Tip of the Day – Throw all the seeds you are eating into your compost bin. They may sprout again!

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