Carob Smoothie

So I’m thinking about getting on my bike to ride into town, and then think, “Oohh, I can get a $1 green shot, and a $3.50 chocolate smoothie from the Juice Factory.” And I was happy, working in the garden and anticipating NOT cleaning my juicer and my blender this morning. And then I remembered. “Didn’t you buy the bike to avoid the taxi costs? $1 if you get the taxi from the street (the cost of the green juice.) $2.50 if you call them? And then you’re gonna go buy juices?” Dang it. Well, I resisted for awhile, and then made my own green shot from my own carrot tops, and a carob/chocolate smoothie from my own brown rice milk and frozen bananas. And it was so good! Plus, I know where the ingredients came from!

Recipe of the Day – Carob Smoothie


1 frozen banana

2 c. brown rice carob milk

1 tsp. cacao powder

1 tsp. fresh stevia leaves

options: maca powder, cinnamon, honey or other sweeteners, coconut, other seed or nut milks.


Word of the Day  – algarroba – carob

Tip of the Day – Ride your bike, or your burro or horse. Sure gets you to say hi to your neighbors, doesn’t use gas or oil, and you feel so good, shooting the breeze!

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