Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Michael just told me all my windows and doors should be in before I get back, wow! And Jose told me I have enough of Bobby’s tiles (he bought waaaaay too many) to cover both bedrooms and the kitchen! Yeaya!!! They are two types – one silver grey, very pretty, and the the other grey with light streaks running through it. I am SO lucky, gosh!

Recipe of the Day: Chocolate Mint Smoothie


1 frozen banana

1 c. Cold chocolate mint tea

2 stalks celery

1 T. Cacao/carob per.

2-4 Mint Leaves

Avocado (optional)



Word of the Day – ceramicos – tiles (Vilcabamba)

Tip of the Day – I bought the native orange tiles for this cottage. But I notice they don’t retain their shiny brilliance, like the bathroom ones do. The bathroom ones they call “ceramicos,” so I’m gonna make sure I get those for the cottage. They stay pretty!

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