Sunflower Seed Greens

Okay, I finished planting sunflower seeds around the entire perimeter of the property! Its funny what I enjoy doing – I loved climbing the slopes! And waited ’til the guys were gone, so I wouldn’t feel like they were watching to see if I was safe every minute. I always enjoyed rock-climbing in Montana, so this I really looked forward to. And, of course, Tiko accompanied my the whole time with his goat-like balance. Now my living fence surrounding the property will have a huge sunflower in-between each 2 trees, I hope! If not, it was fun doing it! And waiting until it was moist after the rain, and waiting ’til the full moon to plant.

Recipe of the Day: Sunflower Seed Greens:

1 c. sunflower seeds in the shell

1 jar with a lid

The jar full of water

a paper towel


Soak your sunflower seeds in 2-3x their water, with the shell overnight. Dump out the water. Rinse and dump out the water every 8-12 hours, while keeping the jar out of the sunlight. when they have a small root, continue to grown with the water and sprout method, or lay the seeds on top of wet soil. They will plant themselves! Keep a cover over the seeds until the sprouts push the cover up (a tray or wet paper towels.) Water twice a day. Move to a well-lit place and watch them grow. In a few days they’ll be 3-4 inches! Cut them before their big leaves show, because then they get bitter. They can produce a second crop if you let them!

Word of the Day: girasol – sunflower

Tip of the Day:  The tip for today is to wait ’til the full moon to plant, even to cut hair, my friends here, say. I can’t find logistical reasons, but my intuitive sense says that is has to do with the amount of water flowing, and the newness of everything. Whatever it is, my seeds sprout and grow when I do it that way, and when I don’t, they don’t! Seriously!

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