M’s DIY Face Cream

 One of the things that really keeps hitting me hard, is my realization of traveling women. Women here, women traveling alone. Women doing things, being alone, getting on buses, women bopping back and forth, traveling to places as fast as women in the states going shopping. They aren’t man-haters. They are women who value themselves, and that’s it. No anger surrounding them, the feminist in its truest form. They are poor and they are rich. Some do drugs, alcohol or whatever,  but most don’t. They are grateful for everything and they don’t apologize for who they are. They don’t even think of it. I finally found my people. I finally found the  independent, powerful, self-sufficient women whom I love. Joy-filled women who have no agenda. Peaceful women who don’t act like the universe owes them anything. “If you come into my life, or you don’t. Either way I’m fine.” They’re happy, dang it. It changed my whole world. I didn’t realize this was going to happen.

Recipe of the Day –M’s Face Cream:

1/2 c. extra virgin coconut oil

1 T. rosehip seed oil

optional – 1/4 tsp. natural mica powder, for color, if desired


Melt the coconut oil on top of the dehydrator or double-boiler in a face cream container (not a bottle).
When melted, add the rosehip seed oil.
Put the lid back on and shake well.
Shake regularly as it sets.  Put in the fridge for an hour and it will set completely.
It comes out with a nice orange tint to it.

Word of the Day – mujer – woman

Tip of the Day –This might be an easy way to travel with face cream. I  have tiny ceramic containers of this oil in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that I can just dip my a finger into to rub on my hands. I am unwilling to give up the benefits of the rosehip seed oil! – M

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