Melon Mint Smoothie

So I asked W to paint the one wall of my little casita, which hadn’t been painted yet, and gave him the can that said, “Melon” as the color. He went to the ferretería, the hardware store while I was in town. And when I came back, the one wall was a very beautiful yellow, that I absolutely love! Only it didn’t match the other walls. He explained abashedly that he got “Happy Melon,” by mistake. And I tried to explain that it’s absolutely my favorite color, ask my kids! So I think he feels better, and decided to do the whole one-room casita, (little hhouse) which he did in six hours, clean and complete! It looks so pretty and I don’t have to clean my walls, woohoo!

Recipe of the Day – Mint Melon Smoothie


2 c. frozen cantaloupe or honeydew meilon
1 frozen banana, in chunks
juice of 1/2 lime
1 tsp. mint

Blend all with water until creamy! Cover and Chill. Pour into ice-filled glasses. Add mint leaves to edge of glass to garnish.

Word of the Day – ferretería – hardware store

Tip of the Day – Make friends with the owners of the ferreterias. They know everything and will help you find, make or invent what you need. Their shops look so small but are actually packed full, and you’ll be surprised what you can find there.

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