DIY Natural Lip Balm

      One of my interests, when I first came to Ecuador, was wondering if there would be natural ingredients for my skin products. Well, there sure are! This might be the origin of some of them. And not only that, but Ecuadorian women are as interested as the women of any culture in looking pretty and feeling good. We all want that, right? I go into a store, and comment on the vendor’s pretty dress, and she says, “Ohhhh, but look at my big stomach!” Women are the same everywhere. People are the same, in spirit, I think everywhere. We all want the same things – to be pretty, to be happy, to be comforted.


Recipe of the Day- Lip Balm


2 tsp. raw honey

4-5 Tab. almond oil

1 T. beeswax

20 drops Essential Oil: tea tree, lemon, orange, tangerine, or peppermint

1/4 tsp. mica powder – color of choice (I usually use red, or sparkly red samples from Coastal Scents.)


In a double boiler, melt the honey. Add the oil and beeswax. Stir until melted. Take off heat.

Add the Essential Oil. Stir very fast for 30-60 seconds. Add natural mica powder, if desired. Pour into little tins. No chilling necessary. Cools very fast.

Word of the Day – labios – lips

Tip of the Day – You can travel with these little things of natural lip balm and moisturizers – your own DIY versions! Even melted, they’re still under 2 ounces and safe with the airlines. But they tend not to melt in those cool airports!

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