DIY Hot Cacao MIx

This was the third time I’ve taken my umbrella on a walk in nine months, and boy was I glad I did. Tiko and got caught in alot of rain! And what’s more, the nasty neighbor dog was outside of his fence. So I covered Tiko, from the front, with the big umbrella, and the skinny, mean dog seemed to cower and turn away! What? I did it again, and same behavior! I left it there on the third try, and sure enough, he turned completely away and went home. Cool! He’s the next driveway over, so we were able to enter our driveway without fear – yeay! I’m going to bring it with me every time we walk that direction, now!

Recipe of the Day – Hot Cacao Mix
1 c. Hot Tea
2 T. raw cacao powder
1 T. raw carob powder
1 T. mesquite powder
1 packet powdered Stevia

2 T. raw honey

*optional – 1/8 tsp. turmeric or cayenne + 2 grains pepper
Heat your tea to desired heat, or keep it raw and use warm Sun tea. Pour over the honey, to taste. Stir in the powder. You could also add a cinnamon stick, liquid flavored Stevia plus almond milk. You could also add a cinnamon stick, liquid-flavored Stevia plus almond or coconut milk.

Word of the Day – una mezcla – a mix

Tip of the Day – People think, because we’re at the Equator here, we don’t get cold! Not true. The body adapts quickly to being warm, and anything less than the usual makes us shiver. A 50 F degree morning now feels chilly! So bring your sweaters and hoods!

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