Cherimoya Sorbet

When R came to pick me up to take our dogs to the river, he brought me two cherimoyas! And picked wild Nisperos from a tree in the Rumi Wilco forest. See my recipe for Nispero Jam, yum.

And Tiko full-out swam today! His first time! I mean, its because he was deathly afraid of crossing the bridge, and we were on the other side. Even R’s dog came over, and boy, did Tiko try. He stayed near the edge, wanted to so badly, but his fear overcame him, and finally went down and swam across. But good for him for swimming across a wide, flowing river where he couldn’t touch the ground!


Recipe of the Day: Cherimoya Sorbet


1 -2 cherimoyas

4 sweet oranges

Juice of 1 lime

1⁄3 c.water

1 tsp.raw honey



Seed and puree cherimoya to – about 1 1/2 cups.

Squeeze juice from sweet oranges and lime.

Add the juice, water and honey to blender and puree until smooth.

Freeze for a couple of hours, then break up and blend again. Enjoy!

Word of the Day: puente – bridge

Tip of the Day: Wear shoes that can go in the water, anytime you’re in Vilcabamba. The rivers are all around you! People are bathing, pouring buckets of water over their heads, kids are swimming, dogs are crossing over!

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3 thoughts on “Cherimoya Sorbet

  1. Oh my… definitely going to have to try this sorbet. Seeing wonderful cherimoyas on the streets of Cuenca.

    And thanks for the water shoe recommendation. Will definitely pack them next time.

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