Aztec Amaranth Chocolate

You know, I’m so impressed that this worker, W, came to pay back his debt. I didn’t need his work anymore, even though he’s awesome, but I was trying to save money, so I let him go. I did realize that I had lent him some money, and that now he couldn’t pay it off until he got a new job. So I put his debt at the back of my mind. And then, here he is, at the door, asking if he could work off his debt by working once a week. And they workers get $20 a day, so it takes a long time to pay back a couple hundred dollars! It’s so impressive and so honorable for anyone to show up at the door, make that decision, and especially impressive for a 21-year old with 2 children and other things on his mind!

Recipe of the Day – Amaranth Chocolate


1 c. cacao butter

1 c. cacao paste

1/2 c. amaranth grains

2 squeezes stevia liquid

1 tsp. grated ginger

1/2 tsp. grated turmeric

dash vanilla powder

a few grains sea salt for inside and out

Directions: Melt all in a bowl over a pot of water (or double-boiler), stirring gently and as long as you want, until the chocolate is creamy and melted. Pour into a mold of choice. Sprinkle with Stevia powder and a few grains of salt.

options: handful coconut, raisins, date pieces, cacao nibs, nuts or seeds, peppermint essential oil

Word of the Day – cúrcuma -turmeric   raisins – pasas

Tip of the Day – If you don’t have fancy molds for your chocolate or other candies, use ice cube trays, simple saucers or plates.

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