Amaranth Breakfast Cereal

I went to this organic farm fifteen minutes from here yesterday, with this hombre, (man), Franco, and his wife, who run it and two other farms, by themselves, with just twof his brothers. It’s crazy! But he’s so passionate about it, and I could just feel, so much, the passion in these discussions about how he does thing, how he plants lemongrass and peppers on the perimeters to keep the bugs away. How he built a crude house of corrugated metal, bamboo and simplicity – putting all their efforts into their beautiful land. And they were such a welcoming family, laughing and talking for two hours while they served each of us three women a huge salad from the garden with passionfruit dressing, herb tea and coffee with their own honey that smelled like molasses . Not wanting or accepting money, and plying us with bananas, maracuya and lima beans as we left. Franco sells the fruits and veges, his sugar-free jams which are HEAVEN, and seeds and plants in the market on weekends. NOw, I have a new dream and a pattern for my land, and I want his 600-year old compost, whoa. With raised beds. His other farm by the sea is where they grow the coffee and peanuts. Here’s the one we went to yesterday in Malacatos.

Recipe of the Day: Amaranth Cereal


1 c. popped amaranth (To pop the amaranth, heat a skillet until a drop of water pops and sizzles. When it stops popping (15 seconds only!) remove from pan.

1/4 c. nuts of choice

1/4 c. sunflower seeds

1/8 c. raisins or dates

1/2 c. yogurt or seed/nut milk

Directions: Mix together in your bowl. Add the yogurt or milk and enjoy. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a little cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate pieces to the mix. Play around with it!

Word of the Day: breakfast – desayuno

Tip of the Day: Start your day with greens in your smoothies, grains from the lands around you, with nuts and seeds that will do you well throughout the day, and especially make you feel good, in case you succomb to the sweet baked or fried goods the Ecuadorians are know for in their villages!

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