Soup of the Shaman

This is Sylvia’s Soup, Shaman, (Tita – Spiritual Guide or Teacher – feminine – prounounced tite-ah) and owner of El Restaurante Vegetariano in town. She gave me the recipe as soon as I asked, she’s so sweet! I love her recipe better than my own.  They traditionally serve soup here, and other dishes, with cute little ceramic bowls of different spices and sauces: one with vegetable salt, another with sesame, others with mayonnaise, ahi, salt and pepper. My Spanish teacher, Lorena, was sitting there and having our lunch and lesson, and she gave me a Very useful phrase. Its almost a secret, as its an idiom used only here in Vilcabamba – “No avanzo!” Meaning – I’m full! Or, “I can’t do this thing anymore!”

Recipe of the Day: Shaman’s Soup

A great way to get full, feel comforted, stay on your low fat, plant-based, gluten-free, anti-candida, Paleo diet!


1 pot of water

1 pumpkin – (el zapallo) peeled and cut into chunks

2 carrots, peeled and chopped

20 papitas, (little potatoes) not peeled, but chopped

1/2 tsp. olive oil for each bowl

1 1/2 tsp. basil

1 Tab. sesame

1-2 tsp. oregano


Chop and cook the vegetables in water together until soft. (about ten minutes). Drain the liquid and use as stock for your next batch. Blend in a blender with a little of the stock, until its as creamy as you like it! Put back in the pan to warm. Add the herbs just before serving. Divide into bowls, then drizzle a little olive oil into each serving. So creamy, warm and delicious!

Word of the Day: Sopa – soup

Tip of the Day: If a Shaman offers you food, eat it. It’s made with love and will heal different aspects of your self, no matter if its on your diet!

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