Q&A – What Can I Send to Ecuador?

My family has been wondering…

Q: What can we send you, Dorothy?

A : Just sent this letter to my family:

Okay, you guys, this is great news. After experimenting with a couple things and people, it is possible to send light-weight things to Ecuador, wahoo! The rule with the post office is that you can send anything under 2 kg – 8.8 lbs; without tax. Not that I need anything. I can’t think of a single thing. But here’s what’s happened so far:
– Clare sent seeds in an envelope and they never got here. Or not yet. It’s been about 12 weeks. (I mean, they DO say not to bring seeds into the country.)

-Kevin sent a camera, small Samsung which cost $35, and $14 to send, and nothing for me to pay in taxes, as it fit in my P.O. Box via U.S. mail.

– Clare sent an IPAD from her house and it got here in 3 weeks. She paid $45 to send, and I paid $5 to receive! For Mother’s Day! Now I can skype anyone while walking around to show you how the house is going and stuff, woohoo! Gosh, thanks Clare! That’s why she she did it!
– Kevin sent solar lamps for my driveway, and I paid $7 or $9 to receive, from Ebay I believe. (The best ex-husband ever.)
– An acquaintance sent me a necklace and I paid the $7 or $9 again to receive. (Not worth it, but whatever – cynical.)
– And my friends are saying that Amazon usually gets stuff here, and so does iHerbs.com.
– Okay, I just ordered something small from iHerb and paid $5 shipping to Ecuador. Wow! And it’ll be here in 2 weeks. Update -it arrived in 8 weeks.
Most of the sites say, “We don’t guarantee that it will actually get there.” They say that! And its true! You never know what’ll get past customs. So, whatever. But I just thought I’d share the news. its nice in any way, not to feel so separate from the world! So nice. I miss you all so badly.
I love you all!

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