More Q & A: Moving to Ecuador

I had a very nice Skype conversation with a couple coming here to Vilcabamba in August, so I thought I would share. I hope this is useful! See the previous Q & A posts for more great questions!


Q: Dorothy, do we need to get medical insurance?

A:  You can, but at 65 you get free medical care. The hospital is right as you come into town, and people tell me they typically pay $15 a day, even if they have to spend the night, and that includes the medicines! My dentist in town is the best dentist I’ve ever had in my life.

Q: We want to come visit first. What’s an AirBnB?

A: Oh, I have an AirBnB! I have two possible sites right now – Cacoons/Hanging Tents for Travelers and Casita de las Palomas/Dove House.  An AirBnB is a private accommodation you can rent online. An “Air” Bed and Breakfast. It is a room or house or apartment that is owned privately. It’s like a hotel, but supplied by individuals – usually a room, a cottage, or even just a couch, whatever you want. And its a lot homier and private than a hotel.

Q: Do you mind sharing what your bills are?

A: Sure. My water bill is $9a month, electricity is $8, cell phone is $5 and internet is $40’Land taxes for me are $13 a year. Meals out range from $3 a meal to $6.

Q: Do you have a car?

A: No. I was waiting to see if I wanted one, and I don’t. I enjoy not paying gas, insurance, upkeep, and do enjoy making less of  a carbon imprint. I can call a taxi, and feel so spoiled, like I’m “having the car brought around.” And the most I’ve waited for the taxi is fifteen minutes. I can go onto the road and catch one into town for 65 cents, or call one to my door (especially if its raining!) for $2.50

Q:  Thank you sooooo much Dorothy! Excited to hear straight from you that life is good in Vilcabamba. ‘Til we visit again!

A:  You’re so welcome!

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