Manayupa Tea

Tiko, my dog, found his best friend in Gandhi, another puppy, today. They played hard the entire two-three hours. Yay! Same age? Whoa, Tiko’s gonna sleep good. He kept dunking his entire  head in the bucket of water, so funny! I’ve got to make him a little wading area.

When I met my friend, Lorena, the herbalist, she introduced my to Manayupa  – the cleansing tea. It’s a Peruvian herb and supplement. And now I have the fresh herbs from Peru! They are deeply cleansing, and I use them as tea, one week for month. I think it’s really great to do cyclical cleansing with living in a new area, and being a bit more susceptible to bugs, parasites, different bacterias.

Desmodium molliculum, also known as Manayupa is used for so many things:

In Peruvian herbal medicine, a leaf tea is used as a blood cleanser, as a detoxifier from environmental toxins and chemicals, as a urinary tract cleanser, for headaches, pain, inflammation, and kidney stress and to treat ovarian problems such as inflammation and irritation. Manayupa as a tea may have highly effective results even at low dosages, with no reported side effects or toxicity. Some tribes believe the plant has magic powers and it is given to the lover who has lost interest in his mate to awake desire again. Oooh lala! lol.


Recipe of the Day: Manayupa Tea

1 T. dried Manayupa, or

1 small handful fresh Manayupa herbs

Other herbs to mix, if you like : mint, basil, lemongrass

1 Pot water

Dash stevia


Boil water. Then turn off and add the herbs. Let steep for twenty minutes. Add the sweetener, then put whatever you don’t drink into glass bottles in the fridge, for iced tea later on! If you have a problem you’re working with, drink three-four cups throughout the day. I alternate this recipe with Cat’s Claw, just a thin, thin piece of the root., and other herbs,  Don’t know why – its some instinctual thing I do each month, very cleansing, and perhaps its keeping my immune system up! I really value this culture, and the immense knowledge they have of their herbs. It’s exciting!

Word of the Day: te – tea

Tip of the Day: Drink water! Lots of water, ’cause its so hot here! Keep hydrated. Most of the stores, tiendas have carbonated water, “agua con gas,” if you like. And the water here in Vilca is pretty dang good! Most of my friends just have a simple water filter ($35 from Loja). I have my ionizer I carried from the States, but also drink the plain filtered water and it’s good! And some people boil their water for 20 minutes. And some people drink it straight, without boiling or filtering!

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