Lúcuma Smoothie

I brought the rocking chair into the casita (little house) and it makes me so happy. Its a little big for my body. And its got huge, thick, wide wooden legs arms and back, like all the furniture. Its just stinking beautiful! So, today I can curl up in it and have my Lucuma Smoothie.You can’t get lucuma fruit in Ecuador, but you can in Peru. You can get the lucuma powder here, though, and in the States, as well.

Recipe of the Day: Lúcuma Smoothie
I made this for the kids and the Peruvian family, and they just ate it up! Had to make it again the next two days!
1 lucuma
1 banana, frozen if you’ve got it
2 c. fresh baby spinach (or other leafy green)

2 c. oat milk, almond milk or water

1/4 c. carob syrup


Scoop the flesh out of the lucuma. It’s fresh and thick and almost creamy, like a sweet potato, but more mushy. It’s so sweet you’ll want to eat it out of the skin, like pudding. Add the other ingredients, but save the carob syrup to drizzle in while its blending. Pour over ice cubes, OMGosh.

Word of the Day: espinaca – spinach

Tip of the Day: With the wonderful, cool breeze of Vilcabamba, and other places in Ecuador, you’ll love sitting outside when you’re eating at a restaurant. A typical and polite phrase to say, as you walk by others sitting and eating, is “Buen Provecho,” or “Good appetite.” They’ll say it to you, so be ready with “Gracias!”

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