Lemon Amaranth Sheet Cookies

On my daily walks,strolling and foraging,I’ve been noticing this beautiful pink stalk, I mean, dark, gorgeous pink wild stalks of something growing all over this land. And then someone tried to give me some Amaranth, and that’s what it was! It’s Amaranth, the staple of the Aztecs. They called it huauhtli. So exciting for me to have a staple growing on my own land. And full of Lysine, which I need for my skin! Another good anti-candida, vegan, low-fat ingredient for recipes, how fun!

Recipe of the Day: Lemon Amaranth Sheet Cookies


3/4 c (sprouted – optional) almonds
3/4 c. (sprouted – optional)  amaranth
1 tsp. anise seed or extract
dash salt
3 T. coconut oil
1/3 c. coconut crystals or raw sugar or stevia powder -(1 Tab.)
1 T. flax soaked in 3 T. water
2 tsp. lemon peel

options: cacao nibs or pieces


If you want to sprout the seeds:

Allow seeds to soak for twenty-thirty minutes. Drain off the soak water.Rinse and Drain very thoroughly, every eight-twelve hours, three times. To sprout the almonds, soak the almonds overnight, then rinse and let dry for twelve more hours until sprouted. Save three whole almonds to slice and sprinkle on cookies afterwards.

In a food processor, process the almonds to a fine meal. Add the other ingredients until the mixture forms a ball. Stir in the lemon peel by hand. Sprinkle 2 T. sliced almonds on top. Dehydrate 24-36 hours until crisp.
Crumbled, this makes a great raw cereal!

Word of the Day: amaranth – amaranto

Tip of the Day: When you first settle here, get your gardener or local to go around on your land and help you forage for edibles on your land. And medicinal plants! I have at least three within reach that are awesome for the skin!

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