Ecuadorian Brownies

“Hand me your machete, Dorothy.” How often does someone say that to you! Jose, the maestro, took it and showed me how to chop the huge, no, gigantic spider webs in the outside corners of my roofs. Finally! Great! Because those huge spiders sure are resistant to the water hose. They are STRONG! And I do like them to eat the insects, but I don’t like to run my head into them when I walk, yikes! And I sure am so grateful for the machetes!  What would I do without them? They cut coconuts, slash down spider webs, and clear the huge grass when I walk!


Recipe of the Day: Most Excellent Ecuadorian Brownies

Took my regular recipe for raw brownies and traded the very-sugary dates for low-glycemic sugars. Oh, my gosh, they’re so good! Great for the anti-candida, vegan diet, too!

1 c. walnuts  (or 3/4 c. pecans, 1/4 c. walnuts)
2 T. almond butter or coconut oil
1/8 c. cacao powder
1/8 c. carob powder

2 T. stevia powder

2 T. coconut crystals

2 T. coconut syrup

1 tsp. Ecuadorian cinnamon (canela)

3 drops chocolate liquid stevia

dash salt

dash vanilla powder


Blend all in food processor until it starts to come together.  Process longer for a creamier fudge, if desired.

Add these additions by hand, if desired:

handful cacao nibs (no sugar added), handful dried blueberries, couple drops peppermint extract or stevia, coconut flakes

Fold into a brownie pan or pie dish. Cut into squares. Chill. Delicious now!

Word of the Day: postre – dessert/pastry

Tip of the Day: Ecuador is known for its pastries. And many of them do use the organic, raw panela – brown sugar, which is delicious. They sell it in blocks, and many people keep the block with them all day while they hike. Try them all, if you wish, and then come back to using local ingredients to create your own – almost always much better when they’re hand-created!

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