DIY Natural Toothpaste

So I was dang sick yesterday – the stomach flu or food poisoning with high fever, yikes! It was almost amusing to see a repeat of the same conversation you’d have in the U.S. as here. People are the same everywhere, right? Loving people, that is. My Maestro for building the house, says,

“Dorothy, you have to go to the Doctor.”

“I’ll probably feel better tomorrow, Jose.”
“You better go to the Doctor.”

“Okay, maybe tomorrow if I don’t feel better.”

“I’m going to come see if you’re better tomorrow.”


Well, I got up without fever or stomach problems, yeah! Forgot that Jose would come over, so I didn’t try to look good, ’cause usually no one visits me on Saturday! And sure enough, here comes Jose at 9:30, and Wilson immediately after. And then came another male friend, and I didn’t have strength to get up from the patio table and run in to put myself together.

Did you guys come together?”

“No, Dorothy.”

“Well, I sure have good friends,” (Tengo buenos amigos.”)

“Si, Dorothy,” they said, “Tienas buenas amigos.” (You have good friends.”)

Gosh. I have the feeling here, the utmost grateful, crying feeling, knowing, knowing, that I will always be taken care of. Makes me cry.

Well, I never did get to put myself, too weak to go back indoors. And I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and all night. But at least my teeth were brushed!

Recipe of the Day: DIY Toothpaste

One batch lasts for months. But today’s was definitely the best -creamy white, delicate taste and perfectly balanced so as not to overwhelm or leave an aftertaste. I had to brush my teeth early, it smelled so good!

1 T. liquid Castile soap. If you use peppermint flavor, leave out the peppermint essential oil.
5 T. coconut oil
1 T. purified water – use more if you want it to be pour-able.
20-25 drops essential oil – I used orange with the peppermint castile
1/4 c. baking soda
dash Himalayan crystal salt.


Mix well by hand. I poured mine into a clean little tin. Some people make their’s very liquidy and pour it into a little bottle or hand-soap container.

Beautiful in all ways!

Word of the day: pasta de dientes – toothpaste

Tip of the Day: Smile a lot. Smiles are translatable! And you, know the Ecuadorians have beautiful white teeth! I wonder what their secret is! I’m gonna ask.

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