Detox Green Smoothie

-I just took my IPAD for a walk! Tiko got to come, too. Oh my gosh, so fun! These little kids showed off for me in front of the camera, running as fast as they could with their whirli-gig. They were giggling so much when I showed them the pics. And their grandpa with hardly any teeth – super kind and smiley! He showed me the new river path, wahoo, then asked me where I lived, wished me “Con la vaya bien,” (May it go well with you), and then went back to his burro laden with gas cans. Tiko wasn’t very good with his training today, but I couldn’t expect much with 3 little boys, their 2 dogs, Grandpa and his burro. Whoa.

Recipe of the Day: Detox Green Smoothie

The key ingredient here is fresh ginger or ginger-root.
It has a ton of nutrients, condensed and blended into a juice so your body doesn’t waste energy breaking it down. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids will flow right into your system to rejuvenate you. And it’s full of fiber, so you’re not reaching for that doughnut or that second cup of coffee between meals. Give the breakfast routine a break, and try a smoothie instead. It’ll last you for hours.


1 c. berries (any kind, I used goji and blackberries today.)
2 c. fresh greens: lettuce, spinach, sprouts, kale, parsley, etc….
2 c. water or apple/pear juice
1/4 inch ginger-root, or to taste

Word of the Day: ginger – jengibre

Tip of the Day: Keep smiling and walking until you make friends and people trust you. That was the first time this family engaged me in 9 months of walking past their house! But so worth it! I feel so happy.

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