Chocolate Goji Bark

I went with the gals today to the Coconut Factory about 20 minutes from here to the South  where they sell much more than coconut oil! Banana products, cacao butter and nibs, goldenberries and goji berries…mas y mas! More and more! Then to the Juice Factory to have Chocolate Rescate (Rescate means Rescue) and Goji Berry Smoothies, oh my gosh. I got R, the taxi driver’s favorite smoothie while he took Tiko my pup off in his cab so the girls could talk. So sweet! When I handed him his smoothie, he said Tiko had so much fun down by the river. Down by the river?!! What! I thought he was taking him on rides while he picked up people! Oh, my gosh. I mean, his dog was there too, and Tiko and he are friends, but still, he didn’t have to do that! And that isn’t the first time. Wow! Without even charging me. Gosh, Vilcabamba, Ecuadorianos, I love you!

Recipe of the Day: Chocolate Goji Bark

Raw Goji Bark


2/3 c. cacao butter, shaved and melted, or coconut oil
1/2 c. cacao powder (or 1/4 c. carob, 1/4. c. cacao)
2 T. raw agave or raw honey, 1 tsp. stevia powder+1 dropperful liquid
1 heaping T. mesquite powder (or lucuma powder) – both are optional
1 c. goji berries, raisins, nuts or seeds, coconut
dash salt

Melt the cacao butter or coconut oil in your dehydrator, or a double boiler, or over a bowl of hot water.
Mix in the other ingredients by hand. You may add a little water, if necessary.
Other options:
add vanilla, orange, (yum!) extract or juice,peppermint, cacao nibs

Word of the Day: dulces – sweets/candy

Tip of the Day: Treat the taxi drivers well. They will carry you in emergencies, take you to the hospital, help you with haggling, help you with heavy bags, move furniture, carry 100 tree starters, gosh, everything, here in Vilcabamba. Be discernible, but most are your friends! 

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