Two Natural Shampoos

When my hair started getting dry here, I went back to using my own shampoo, instead of the “Natural” ones here from the health food places. Wow. What a difference coconut oil makes. I’ve been using this one for years; occasionally trade off for another, and always go back to the most simple. And it’s wonderful! My hair’s so soft! And now my friend is using it, too! The shampoo part starts at 2:35 on this video. Its SO great to know that Ecuador has all these ingredients.

Recipe of the Day – Shampoo

Recipe 1: Kombucha Shampoo

1 dark-colored bottle to keep heat out of the essential oils. It will destroy their effectiveness.

1/2  c. liquid Castile soap

1/2 c. Kombucha, or tea infusion if desired

1 Tab. vegetable glycerin

Shampoo1-2 drops Coconut or other Essential Oil

a couple drops Divine Love Elixir 72 Flower Infusion (optional)


(For 8 oz.)
Mix equal parts of liquid Castile soap to equal parts of an herbal infusion or Kombucha. Add the  essential oil, glycerin and shake well.

A little goes a long way for me. I’ve varied the amounts on the measurements of soap base, ACV, infusions, and EO’s.

Recipe 2 :


-1 c. Baking Soda

-1 qt. water

~1 tsp. peppermint castile soap
~1 tsp. aloe vera gel
~some dried flower infusion if I have some around (tea, basically)
~a few drops essential oil (I used peppermint and lavender this time.)
Shake before using.

Word of the Day: Champu – shampoo

Tip of the Day: I learned this from the Shaman, Sylvia – she loves to take many showers, often, to wash away, not only dirt, debris and bugs, but energies, “stuff” from other people. “The Dirt of the Day,” is not just soil, but the effects and essences of other people, even passersby.That’s why it feels so great to take a shower.

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