Tiko’s Doggy Cookies

It was so funny watching Tiko all morning. There were three bulls above me on the other side of the fence near the yoga platform, and two more by the gate. And one kept ringing the bell with his nose. Really! And Tiko would go forth and bark at them, then run like mad away. Good thing. Before they broke through the fence! They were snorting at him. He did this for three hours. He’ll probably sleep all afternoon now, since he’s done eating lunch with the workers.

Recipe of the Day: Doggy Cookies

(Galletas del Perro)


2 c. oats

2 c. mixed gluten-free flours (Today I used 1 c. bean flour, 1 c. barley)

1 c. peanut butter

1 c. coconut Kefir, or water

1/4 c. Stevia powder

1 egg or 1 Tab. flax seed mixed with 3 T. water

dash salt

dash vanilla powder

Ingredients: Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, and the wet in another, then mix together. I baked mine on a ceramic plate in the horno for seven minutes, but you can bake yours in the oven for five-seven minutes at 350 degrees F. Tiko loves them. And they’re good for his tummy! Gluten-free and with the pro-biotics of the kefir.

Word of the Day: perro – dog or cachorro – puppy

Go check out more Spanish words in my Glossary! Click HERE!

Travel Tip of the Day: Dog food is awfully expensive here. Better to make your own out of great ingredients for a healthier dog! And I need my dog healthy to protect me and be a good friend, and just to be happy!

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