Social Media It Up!

“MOM, you have to make yourself a presence online.” Or at least, that’s what my eldest daughter, Clare, tells me. So, being the productive and enthusiastic person that I am, I went and got a Twitter account, which is where I’ll share special little blurbs about my daily recipes or tips on traveling. Follow me at or by clicking this: twitter

Also, she informs me that Facebook is still very much alive and is a great way to get your name out there! Share your experiences with the world! Clare finds my journey incredibly interesting and keeps telling me to share the stories, which I am now, and now also at  or by clicking this:


As you all know, I’m on YouTube and have been for a long time, but i will keep making videos that are relevant to the recipes and stories I have to give! I promise to keep them coming! So, go and subscribe to my channel and comment on how they help! My channel on YouTube is or you can go there directly by clicking this:youtube



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