Coconut Cream Pudding

Just had a beautiful threehours ride going to get coconut oil from this “factory”, south, and the place was gorgeous! In the grey coolness of the early morning mountain air, the mountains looked Like Lord of the Rings. We drove back to Vilca by way of the backroads, through the town of Quinara with goats, gigantic Seibo trees with red flowers, white sea birds called Garsa in this pueblo called Quinara, by the river. So beautiful.

We also passed the house of the man believed to be 120 years old! The neighbors said he was out walking! Then we went down to the river and let the dogs play. The sun was shining, the dogs literally crept over the bridge, but they did it!, they crossed over, And then we stopped at an artisan’s house to see his beautiful furniture and sculptures of wood. Fantastico! 

Recipe of the Day: Coconut Cream Pudding

A creamy, dairy-free pudding made with fresh coconuts! If you have never had a young coconut you are missing out! The water is beyond amazing and the meat you can make so many great things with. – add some water and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat with hardly any prep time.


meat of one coconut

1/3 c. coconut juice, or more to liquify

1 T. Stevia powder

1/8 c. Coconut syrup  (or sweetener of choice)

2 drops Liquid vanilla Stevia

dash salt

dash vanilla powder

Instructions: Open a  young coconut and pour off the milk. Scoop out all the coconut meat. Blend until creamy. Add more coconut water, if desired. Chill.

Variations: add strawberries, banana, coconut shreds, cacao nibs, cinnamon, chia seeds

Word of the Day: fantastico – fantastic

Travel Tip of the DayDon’t confuse the word “coco” (the word for coconut) with “coca” (the word for cocaine!.) It does make the locals smile, though.

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