Q & A: Moving to Ecuador

A LOT of people have questions about moving to Ecuador! I totally understand. I wish that someone had been there to answer all of my questions, too. I had a lot of help from a ton of people and so, I’ll try to condense it here, and answer anything I can for any of you interested in joining me in Ecuador, either vicariously or literally! Ask away!

Q: What took you to Ecuador?

A: Hi! I moved to Ecuador about eigh months ago, to make my meager retirement fund last as lonnnnng as possible. So, six or eight years ago I scouted out places to live, and found a little mountain town called Vilcabamba. About three years later, I bought a piece of land, and put a small house, a.k.a casita on it. Now, I’m building my big house and learning the lay of the land, food, language and all!

Q: How is your money secure? Do you lose your American citizenship I know those are a couple personal questions!

A: You find one reliable bank, from local stories, which It appears i have. My bank, here in Vilcabamba is Cacpe Loja. And no, you do not lose your US citizenship when you become a resident, or if/when become a citizen of Ecuador.


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