Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

I recommended to a close friend that they try a gluten-free diet a few weeks back.

Personal Note from Someone with OsteoArthritis:

They Write, “Hey….I remembered what I wanted to tell you several days ago. When I told you about the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, you made a rather succinct declaration and told me to get off the gluten immediately. Climbing out of my dark place and doing research in the following days, the omission of those inflammatory agents, including sugar, made all the sense in the world. So I did it. When I went to Mexico I had little choice and made bad decisions. When I came back I immediately resumed.

So in the 4 days or so before Mexico, the improvement was fairly shocking. So much so that I did not want to give it credence thinking it was hopeful optimism. In Mexico I was being woken up by pain in my hip within just a few days. Now more than a week back on track, my hips are better than they have been in years. That does not mean I am pain free yet, but the progress is entirely astounding even with the evidence support. One piece of research stated that in a 3,000 person study, full beneficial effects were not realized until the two month time frame. There is considerably more, but I must keep charging on other issues.

Dorothy. Thank you for the insightful, encouraging and loving words.”

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