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It seems like, whenever I have a visitor from the States, they get tummy problems here. Gentle, “I’d rather lay around,” kind of stomach problems. I’m not sure if its the change in food, the water, the climate…everything? Or a parasite.  When I was at the fermenting workshop the other day, I met a wonderful woman from Peru, who said, with wide eyes,  “Those Ecuadorians realllly know their medicinals, Shew!” Here’s the recipe she gave me to get rid of parasites. These items you can get in the Sunday Market.

Recipe for the Day: Tummy Medicine

For Bacteria and Parasites, stomach aches, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, bloating:

6 drops Sangre de Grado (from a tree in the Amazon)

9 drops Aceite de Copaiba (Copaiba oil – another Amazon tree)

1/2 glass water


Mix together in a glass of water and take for 7 days in the morning, on an empty stomach. It feels gentle, yet works AMAZINGLY.

You can also take Sangre de Grado by itself : 7 drops for 7 days in the morning, for stomach problems

And a third herb, with aspirin, they have here for stomach problems, particularly cramping, is Buscapina. It works SO WELL! I can’t believe they don’t have it in the States. You take one little bite of a leaf, or one tablet and feel immediately better. It’s sold in all the pharmacies. When Tiko, my dog had an upset stomach the other day, the workers made him a cup of Oregano tea, and gave him a tablet of Buscapina! I couldn’t believe it! I would’ve just let him eat grass until his stomach figured it out. How kind! Wow.

Word of the Day: aceite – oil

Travel Tip of the Day: As soon as you get into Ecuador, stop drinking the water. Don’t even brush your teeth with it. Don’t let it fall in your mouth as you take a shower. This is not a light warning! You don’t want the “runs” to ruin your whole vacation! And it’s not that the water is bad. It’s that the Ecuadorians grew up on this water, and their tummies are used to the balance of bacteria in their systems. Wash all your fruit and veggies before eating, too, even if it comes from your own ground.

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