Natural Insect Repellent

In the first month of being here, and having come from Montana, I was So hot with the climate change! I insisted on wearing shorts and summer dresses, and walking though the tall grasses and climbing every mountain I could find. What a mistake. I saw all the women wearing lycra pants or tights under their dresses and thought they were crazy.

The workers wear long sleeves, pants and jackets, socks and boots and I couldn’t fathom it. Well, my legs and elbows got so beat up with insect bites, it looked like I had leprosy. I asked an herbalist in the Sunday market for her advice. Lorena! My good friend now! And she said every day to get up and wash down my arms with just water, from elbows to fingertips, both sides, then the front and back of the body, same way, downwards, then the legs to the toes, all sides. Then jump back into bed until I got warm. (Which I never had to do, I was so warm all the time.)   And during that time I had bought some Palo Santo oil from the Artisans in the Market, and they said how awesome it is to ward off insects. People use it in their fires, in their Shaman ceremonies. So I put a few drops in my olive oil, and later in my aguacate oil, and it worked (works) the best I’ve ever seen any repellent! Ever! I still use it to this day, watch the ladies scratching on hikes, watch the newcomers and get seriously bitten, when they refuse the oil. But it is truly awesome, and I share it here for the first time to the Public!

Recipe of the Day : Natural Insect Repellent

3-5 ounces olive oil, aguacate oil (avocado oil), or almond oil

3 drops Palo Santo Oil

Directions: Pour the carrier oil into a bottle, add the drops of Palo Santo. Shake well. Apply liberally before going outside, to all exposed parts of the skin. Re-apply every hour.

Word of the Day: insectos – insects

Travel Tip of the Day:  There are insects here! A different insect seems to kind-of “invade the air” every month. Well, we do live near the rainforest.They seem to particularly like the elbows and ankles and calves up the knees. So put on insect repellent, and don’t forget to reapply!

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