Maracuya Juice – Passionfruit

As I was throwing my maracuya rinds into the compost pit this morning, I recalled Tiko’s first day here as a puppy, six months ago. He had jumped into the compost pit just as I was throwing some banana peels in there, and he looked up as if it was falling from the sky. I kept throwing weeds, other things in there occasionally, and each time he would look up as if it was a gift from heaven! So funny! And every day after that, first thing in the morning, he would run out, jump into the compost pit and look up to the sky. It was so cute. On our trip to Quinara the other day, we stopped to buy maracuya from a lady selling them from her basket, all alone on this long, windy road. Sixty centavos for six passion fruit! Here’s how to make the juice:

Recipe of the Day:

Passion fruit Juice


5 -6 Passion fruit, ripe, the yellow variety are the best, wrinkly

1 quart cold water and ice

1/4 c. honey

5 drops of Stevia liquid, or other sweetener

*optional – juice a carrot or two for an even brighter color, or pineapple for natural tart/sweet flavors


Cut each maracuya in half, and scoop the gloopy insides with the seeds into the blender. Add about threetimes the amount of water and blend. Don’t blend so much that the seeds break apart and create a grit. Put a strainer (cheese cloth or new nylons work) on top of your pitcher and pour the liquid through the strainer. Spoon out the seeds. Taste it, and then add your sweetener. You may not want any sweetener at all, it’s so incredible. Chill. I made this for a potluck a couple of times and the ladies drank it down super fast!

Word of the Day: Maracuya – Passion fruit

Tip of the Day: Make a compost bin to catch all your seeds, peelings, rinds, leftovers, eggshells, etc…. I literally dug a hold behind my garden, where I can turn the soil and then cover it, when it’s full. It will turn into a rich, black soil you can use in your garden or your flower pots! Only throw in veggies and fruit leftovers… coffee grounds are okay too!

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