OsteoArthritis and Gluten (cont.)

My good friend has OsteoArthritis and I recommended that they go Gluten-free due to the swelling effects that gluten can produce. They wrote me today,

” I was cleaning up old email just now and stumbled upon this. So funny, you exactly predicted my experience that I already confessed. Off gluten and major pain reduction. On Gluten and woken up by the pain.  Off Gluten and again measured quick transcendence. Pain is still with me but research studies I read said that maximum effect was not for about 2 months. 80% of the 3000 people studied had significant pain reduction!”


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE gluten – bread, pizza crust, everything. The problem is that I cannot eat gluten! It makes me feel terrible and makes my face break out, so I can’t. I don’t want to sound super preachy about any one way to eat or live, but I do love it when something works out for one of my readers and friends!


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