Lemongrass Tea

“Hey, Roberto, can we stop at the Malacatos Nursery for no good reason,” I asked my taxi driver and friend? And after picking out lovely yellow flowers and a canela tree, she found, way in the back, ONE lemongrass bush, yeay! They call it Hierba Luisa here, and I’ve been looking for it for eight months!

It smells so good  – from the mint family, yet like lemon! And I’m so happy. You cut a bunch of it and throw it in a kettle for tea. And its from the mint family! So easy! You know how much it cost? Nothing. She threw it in for free after I bought the flowers. Wow. So many gifts here.

Lemongrass in the Wild (aka Hierba Luisa)


Recipe of the Day: Lemongrass Honey Tea


1 pot water

Handful lemongrass

1 T. honey

Directions: Boil the pot of water and add the lemongrass. Turn off water and let the herbs steep for twenty minutes. Put the honey in your teacup and pour the tea right over the honey. Stir well. Your whole house will smell amazing! You can also mix with manzanilla – chamomile, or lavanda – lavender!

Word of the Day: Hierba Luisa – lemongrass

Travel Tip of the Day: You’ll never have to buy the old box teas again. Plant mint, basil, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile in your garden wherever you’re living and they’ll take off. You’ll have an herb garden. It’s a GREAT leave- behind gift to someone hosting you or, if you have moved out of the country, like me, everyday you can go out and cut a couple leaves for your tea. You’ll always have fresh tea. You can do it window boxes or on your kitchen counter, as well!

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