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Hot Ecuadorian Chocolate

I petted the horses in the pasture today, the ones the new people use for trail rides. They’re so beautiful. Chocolate and white-colored, is one, and they other is mostly black and white. And they’re tethered in the land next to me. I can hear them from the front door. So sweet for me. And, I don’t have to take care of them! I taught Tiko how to be nice. Tiko kept looking at me for instructions, as if to say, “Do I chase them or lick them?”
It gave me tingles of happiness up my arm to run my hands over the horse’s face and coat! Feel their velvety noses under my palms, the stretch of their necks and how their muscles relax on their necks, under your touch. Then I found an old horseshoe flattened on the road!  I asked the workers if they had the same tradition – finding a horseshoe is good luck. And they said, “yes!” Hang it on the doorway, opening up, for good luck.

Recipe of the Day: Hot Stevia Chocolate/Carob


3 T. almond butter (any nut/seed butter)

a large handful of strawberries (any berries)
2 T. raw honey
2 heaping T. cacao powder/carob powder
1 T. mesquite (or lucuma) powder
1/2 tsp. maca powder

Directions: Make your South American tea – 5 minutes. In a blender, soak the chia seeds in a little of the tea water for 10 minutes. Blend well with the other ingredients to make 12 ounces or more. Comforting powerhouse!

Word of the Day: horses – caballos

Travel Tip of the Day: I absolutely love not having a car here. I probably will never get one. You can walk, hail a taxi. I feel like a rich spoiled brat always having a taxi available. So, tip for today, don’t feel like you have to get a car. Lose the carbon imprint! We need more people on foot. And plus, you see things you would never see in a car!

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