Herbal Hair Color

I look forward to weekends, because I can be all alone from the workers, leave all my curtains and doors open, wash my hair outside, burn my garbage, and this weekend, put my hair color in my hair. Well, at 5 p.m. I had the bag over my head, when, sure enough, I hear yelling from the road. My door was wide open, and these women could definitely see me from there. Well, I hoped they weren’t yelling for me, but when Tiko started to bark, I went out to see. And, sure enough, they were coming to visit me. Yikes! There wasn’t much I could do about my hair – it had another half hour to set! Dang. So I whipped off the bag and left my hair up in a clip, hair color plastered all over it.                                                                                                

It was Luiz and his family. I felt so honored to have them come over, after knowing Luiz for eight months. And they brought a huge bag of oranges, and different kinds of lemons. Walking them around, I felt honored and embarrassed to have my hair up. But they didn’t blink an eye! As I explained to the women what was in my hair, and how I didn’t want to put chemicals on my head. They told me where to get natural color, no dyes in Loja, next to the Cathedral! Yeah. I can’t wait to find out what it is! In the meantime, this natural hair color works so well, I don’t really need any other. And having it all over my hair turned out to be a great way to connect with the women.

My daughter, Clare, gave me this recipe. I’ve been playing with it for months, and it’s superb Thanks, Clare!

Recipe of the Day: Auburn Hair Color


2 tsp. coffee grounds

2 c. boiling water

Handful fresh, or 1 Tab. sage leaves


Heat the water and pour over the sage leaves. Let sit for twenty minutes. Add the coffee and stir well. Shampoo your hair and towel dry. Smooth the coffee/sage water all over the hair, and rub into the scalp. Make sure to get all the areas that are particularly grey. Put your hair up in a bun and cover with a plastic bag. I keep mine on for 1 hour and fifteen minutes, but others do for three hours. Rinse and dry. It really works!

Word of the Day: hair – cabello

Travel Tip of the Day: Sometimes a hard one…but when you’re in a foreign country, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your vulnerabilities are what attract you to people!

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