Grenadilla Green Smoothie

Oh, my God, I asked Tiko if he wanted to go for a walk, so he took my sandal and carried it out to the construction area. And it was raining, so I really didn’t feel like walking all that way on one foot. And then I got distracted, and a few minutes later went to get my tennis shoes. And one was missing! Sure enough, Tiko had taken that one, too, to the same area. So I had to wear one tennis shoe and one sandal, take the leash, and go get the other shoes. Wow. That’s the last time I’m gonna ask him to go for a walk. 

Luckily for him, he did beautifully on the leash today, so all was forgiven. And we found a grenadilla on the way back. There often are fruits fallen from the trees and vines here, and the people have so much, they don’t bother to pick it up. So I do! Especially if it’ on the outside of their walls. Then I get to come home and make my grenadilla green smoothie!

Recipe of the Day: Grenadilla Green Smoothie:


1-2 Grenadillas (another word for passion fruit/maracuya!)

juice of 1 orange

a handful of greens (mine today was romaine, parsley and cilantro)

juice of one lemon

1 c. cold water or mint tea


Scoop out the pulpy seeds from the grenadilla. Blend with all the other ingredients. Add a few drops Stevia or other sweetener, if desired. Chill or pour over ice cubes, or drink temperatura ambiente – room temperature.

Word of the Day: Grenadilla (granadilla) – passion fruit

Travel Tip of the Day: The scientific name – Passiflora Ligularis Seeds (Granadilla) is processed here in Ecuador as a sleep aid. You can pick it up in the Farmacia (Pharmacy) for about one dollar. Take a spoonful at night and sleep like a baby. God, I love nature.

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