Garlic Sourdough Rye Wraps

I went with my friend to a Sourdough workshop today! So fun! We went to San Jose, which is ten minutes from town to the South of Vilcabamba, instead of the North, where I live. We drove up a long, windy road to a cool-looking gate surrounding lush vegetation, banana trees, and an aguila (eagle) circling overhead. This husband and wife team treated us to green juice to start the day, then we learned how to make recipes with sourdough rye! Rye is a local, traditional fermented, good-for-you source of the non-dangerous bread , with no yeast and very little gluten. We had rye pancakes for breakfast with out-of-this-world, the utmost-creamy coconut cream on top of strawberries, on top of pancakes, with Tulsi (holy basil) tea.                                                                      

Then, in the afternoon, we learned how to make a Ginger Sweet Loaf,  100% Rye Bread that doesn’t need kneading, Sourdough Orange Date muffins, and, I think, my favorite, the Garlic Sourdough Rye Wraps. They’re the combination of a perfect chapati, hot off the no-fat griddle, served today with nummus, slad and feremented veges, plus their avocado miso sauce, oh my gosh. The superb chefs allowed me to put one recipe, so here it is!


Recipe of the Day:  Garlic Sourdough Rye Wraps


makes about ten wraps:

1 c. sourdough rye starter

1 1/2 c. rye flour

1 bulb garlic

1/2 tsp. salt


Peel and mince the garlic, add to starter with salt and blend. Then add the flour and blend thoroughly. Add more flour to obtain a dry ball that doesn’t stick to your hands but won’t fall apart. Pat into ten balls. Heat a large frying pan or grill while shaping the loaves. No fat or oil! It needs to be smoking hot. Like you! Roll out the balls until very thin – 8-10″.  Cook the wrap one-two minutes on each side until they have brown toasted spots.  Stack chapatis and cover with a cotton towel. Store in a plastic bag to keep from drying out.

Word of the Day: pan – bread

Travel Tip of the Day: You’ll definitely want to eat some sort of fermented foods when you move to a new climate/culture,to keep healthy bacteria growing in your intestines, and to keep the bad bacteria away.  That way you don’t have to take pro-biotics!

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