Free Doctor & Dentist Referrals for Ecuadorian Expats & Medical Treatment for Travelers

One of the scariest things to consider was wondering if we would have access to medical care here. Vilcabamba has a hospital, and the locals are pretty happy with it.q I pass by it whenever I come into town. It has a friendly, accessible look to it. People often comment that they were there all day and only paid $15, including the medicines. And, as of this moment, if you are 65 or older, you get free medical care! I absolutely love my dentist in town. She is the most gentle and efficient, not-to-mention cheapest, dentist I’ve ever had.


“Find Health in Ecuador” offers FREE Doctor and Dentist Referrals for Ecuador Expats and Medical Tourism for International Travelers.  Find Health in Ecuador selects doctors based on their credentials, English speaking ability and office location.  Find Health in Ecuador works with doctors who practice(d) in the U.S. and/or on the Board of Surgeons in the U.S.  If you require any Medical or Dental Procedure, a Doctor or Dentist Consult or even just Pharmacy Discounts, we are fellow Gringos in Cuenca here to help, and you do not pay us anything out of pocket, as we simply receive discounted prices on medical costs from Cuenca based Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and Pharmacies in recognition of our large amount of medical facilitations on behalf of our Gringo seniors as well as Gringo youths!

Contact Nicholas Barringer for your FREE Doctor or Dentist Referrals at:, dial 099.255.2355 or visit


The Visa side of our office, run by Cuenca’s famous Legal Advisor, Sara Chaca, will also process any Residency Visa for just “$950 TOTAL ALL INCLUSIVE COST PER PERSON” (Includes all Government Fees, Notarization Fees, Translation Fees, AND EVERYTHING ELSE related to Residency Visas!).

Free Doctor and Dentist Referrals for Ecuador Expats

Contact Sara Chaca for any Visa services at:, dial 099.296.2065 or visit


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